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Event Partners

  • 品牌名称:Event Partners
  • 公司名称:深圳市环宇视展展览策划有限公司
  • 官方主页https://event-partners.com
  • 所在地区:中国广东
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  • 更新日期:2023-05-29

Event Partners are an international B2B exhibition and conference organiser specialising in high-tech, high growth industries.

Founded in 2017, Event Partners have launched new exhibitions in diverse industries including battery technology, renewable energy, electric vehicles and advanced materials. Our focus is always on providing maximum value to our audiences and participants ensuring each of our events represent the very best of each industry we operate in.

We will continue to launch new events and find new, innovative ways to connect buyers and suppliers whilst continuing to be an essential meeting place for business leaders and innovators around the world.



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