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The MTA exists to promote the interests, and be the voice, of the manufacturing technologies sector in the UK.

The Manufacturing Technologies Association is the UK’s trade association for companies in the manufacturing technology sector. MTA members design, manufacture and supply the advanced machinery, equipment and intellectual property that enable the creation of the products we rely on from day to day and that drive our economy.

Key aspects of manufacturing technology include machine tools, cutting tools, metrology (measuring) equipment, Additive Manufacturing (3D Printing), surface finishing, robotics and computer-aided design and manufacturing products (CAD/CAM). In addition, there is the technology enabling the digitalisation of manufacturing – known as the Fourth Industrial Revolution or Industry 4.0. These aspects combine to make the complete systems – increasingly automated and adaptive – deployed by manufacturers to make the sector fundamental to the prosperity, health and defence of the nation.

The expanding scope of engineering-based manufacturing has seen the MTA broaden the range of its support to the sector with the formation of a new cluster of trade associations and events. The move sees the Engineering Industries Association (EIA) and Additive Manufacturing UK (AMUK) join the MTA portfolio to create a unique alliance dedicated to promoting excellence in the field of engineering-based manufacturing. Combining with MACH, the UK’s national event for inspiring, innovating and connecting manufacturing, and the new Engineering Supply Chain Show, the cluster represents a united front, dedicated to furthering the interests of engineering-based manufacturing in the UK, in turn boosting business opportunities for UK manufacturers.


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