Pakpo Intelligent - 派宝智能

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Pakpo Intelligent, a smart IoT overall solution provider focusing on intelligent management of item distribution and collection, is committed to building a self-service interactive network service platform based on loud, AI and IoT in Smart IoT , and building a complete and valuable smart IoT ecosystem.


According to the growing user numbers and social needs, the company keeps pace with the times to create outstanding smart IoT solutions, focusing on creating personnel intelligent interactive scenario applications for global postal express companies, government agencies, medium and large group companies, hospitals, new energy companies and other customers and providing intelligent management services ofobjects delivery across time and space.


based on profound industry service experience and research, the company has continuously modified and formed industry-standardized products and solutions, owning two main brand business lines: smart lockers and intelligent sorting; meanwhile, based on clients’ personalized demands, the company can provide customized designs and development services from hardware to software.


Pakpo Intelligent continues to improve its ability on technology and service, open up the industry chain, and allow customers to obtain a more convenient, efficient, safe and assured user experience in application process.



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