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展会日期 2026-02-22 至 2026-02-26
展出城市 杜塞尔多夫
展出地址 杜塞尔多夫国际展览中心
展馆名称 杜塞尔多夫国际展览中心
主办单位 杜塞尔多夫国际展览有限公司
承办单位 18SZ.com Trade Fairs & Messe
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德国杜塞尔多夫国际超市用品及装潢展览会(EUROSHOP 也称欧洲店铺产业展览会)是目前在欧洲乃至世界上同类行业中规模最大、影响力最强的店铺专业展览会之一,该展三年一届,在杜塞尔多夫国际展览中心举行,其展览面积在20万平米以上,展商净占地达10万平米以上,参展商多于2千家企业,包括了食品制造商、设备制造商、非食品以及技术制造商。观众来自全球各地专业人士,其中采购商包括超市买家、仓储经理、企业CEO等均前来参观洽谈,其中一半以上的的采购商来自决策层,拥有现场下订单的权力;同时,采购商期望通过展会寻找到新的合作伙伴。EUROSHOP针对的群体:食品和非食品类零售商,消费品和投资产业,时装贸易/时尚产业,批发商,店铺构造和店内布置,餐饮业模式和特色,建筑业,手工业,广告/美工设计,视觉市场营销,布展和举办展会,IT和安全技术产业。




EUROCIS的主要项目:电子销售点解决方案,并检查出的解决方案,支付系统,客户忠诚度系统,采购管理,库存管理,数据仓库 ,移动和无线解决方案,为POS数字标牌解决方案。特别展出区域:通讯,零售业保安系统,楼宇安全,库存管理,RFID在供应链和商店,反向自动贩卖系统(返回),劳动力管理解决方案,时间管理系统公司,称重系统,食品服务解决方案,商务智能,绿色IT。

展品范围(Show Products):

店面装修、店铺摆设、建筑和店面设计;店铺灯光设计;冷藏柜、冷冻食品展示柜,冷却物流;店铺视觉营销、促销、POS营销;店铺信息技术;店铺零售技术;店铺展台设计、施工、事件;一般服务(银行、保险、市场分析、企业咨询、协会、印刷、贸易文学) 。


展会报告(Show Reports):

EuroShop 2023: broad international attendance confirms world-leading position

Despite all the challenges: retail trade is investing

The World’s No. 1 Retail Trade Fair, EuroShop 2023, has drawn to a successful close in Düsseldorf after five days on 2 March 2023. The intensive personal exchange on a global level prevailed throughout the course of EuroShop and made for an excellent mood among the 1,830 exhibitors. A total of more than 81,000 trade visitors travelled to the Rhine from all five continents.

“Especially in view of the current challenges in retail, we are delighted that EuroShop once again met its remit as the world’s leading trade fair offering guidance and orientation,” said Erhard Wienkamp, Managing Director at Messe Düsseldorf, highly satisfied with the results of the trade fair and adding: “We owe our exhibitors a great compliment. With their innovative power they have once again proved a magnet for the whole industry. On the visitor side, EuroShop once again impressed with its high level of internationality and was able to record a further increase in the decision-making authority of the trade fair audience", says Wienkamp.


Attending from 55 nations, exhibitors unanimously report extraordinarily good contacts and a clear willingness to invest on the part of visitors. The proportion of retail visitors rose once again by 9% to over 50%. 

Exhibitors praised the event’s high international attendance: 68% of the EuroShop audience came from abroad. Particularly positive was the increase in visitors from Southeast Asia, Africa and North America. Altogether, trade visitors from 141 countries travelled to EuroShop 2023, including from as far afield as Brazil, Australia and New Zealand.

“EuroShop once again proved its special position as a driving force for the retail trade,” said Michael Gerling, Chairman of the EuroShop Advisory Board and CEO of the EHI Retail Institute. Summing up he said: “It again proved a source of inspiration and has impressively underlined its relevance as a leading international trade fair. After three tough years, retailers are facing important investments regarding the future topics of digitalisation, energy management and sustainability.”

EuroShop 2023 offered everything to meet today’s customer requirements: in offline retail shoppers continue to love immersing themselves in worlds of experience and to be addressed emotionally. On the other hand, they do not want to forego the convenience, speed and high degree of personalisation they enjoy while shopping online; which is why digitalisation has gained enormous momentum across nearly all segments of retail. EuroShop clearly reflected this transformation. Buzzwords such as Smart Shopping, Connected Retail, Seamless Shopping or Customer Centricity were omnipresent at the trade fair stands.

Sustainability was the common theme running through all areas of this year’s EuroShop. Exhibitors impressively demonstrated that sustainable store fittings not only contribute to climate protection, but also offer plenty of material for storytelling – from innovative, biodegradable store fitting materials to display mannequins made from raw materials garnered from ocean waste. Furthermore, the topic of energy savings was centre stage, especially in the refrigeration cabinet and store lighting segments.

EuroShop’s extensive line-up of side events comprising practice-related lectures and best-practice examples on seven stages, numerous Specials and renowned awards went down very well.

The next EuroShop will be held in Düsseldorf from 22 to 26 February 2026.


地址:201-21,Haisong Building B,Terra Ninth Road,Futian District,Shenzhen,518040,GD,PRC
德国杜塞尔多夫国际超市用品及装潢展览会(EUROSHOP 也称欧洲店铺产业展览会)是目前在欧洲乃至世界上同类行业中规模最大、影响力最强的店铺专业展览会之一,该展三年一届,在杜塞尔多夫国际展览中心举行,其展览面积在20万平米以上,展商净占地达10万平米以上,参展商多于2千家企业,包括了食品制造商、设备制造商、非食品以及技术制造商。


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